Room Request Form

The Beaverton Activity Center and Gladwin County District Library are pleased to make available meeting and conference rooms. 


After your submission is received, a member of the BAC administration staff will send a confirmation email.  If additional information is needed or questions arise, the BAC administration staff will make direct contact with you.

BAC Room Usage:

The Beaverton Activity Center and Gladwin County District Library have meeting and conference rooms available for use­ on the upper floor of the Center. Three of the classrooms are reserved through the Library and there is no charge for them. Other rooms are more formal­ conference rooms and are available for a rental fee as is the Gymnasium and Stage.

There are a number of ways to reserve or rent a room:


Reserve a Meeting Room

To reserve a room complete the form below and submit.  

The Ross Lake, Tittabawassee River and Tobacco River rooms are available to non-profit organizations and Gladwin County residents at no charge.  There is a fee when used for any for-profit purpose..

Please Note:

The following rooms are available at no charge to non-profit organizations and individuals:

Ross Lake, Tittabawassee & Tobacco Rivers Room

 For-profit organizations will be charged as listed. Room use outside of regular business hours may incur an additional open/close fee.

Terms of Use:

The Beaverton Activity Center will determine costs for use by businesses and other organizations. The Beaverton Activity Center will review all requests and either approve or deny usage.  Any room use or rental may not conflict with the goals of the Beaverton Activity Center’s Mission or any of its programs.

All renters agree to the following conditions and regulations:
 1. Reservations must be made by a responsible adult who will accept liability for the rental group and who will be present during the time reserved. It will be their responsibility to ensure all building regulations are enforced.

 2. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Beaverton Activity Center.

 3. Children must be kept under adult supervision at all times.

 4. Renters are held responsible for damage beyond normal wear to the building, furniture, and equipment.

 5. Decorations and the method of displaying them must be approved. Rules will be posted on bulletin boards located in the rental rooms.

 6. All renters must comply with local fire and safety regulations, as well as State Laws.

 7. Renter agrees to hold Beaverton Activity Center, its Board, and its volunteers harmless and free and clear from any and all liability arising out of the rental of the premises.

 8. Special room arrangements must be made at the time of the reservations. Furniture and equipment should not be moved unless prior approval from the Center has been received.

 9. Groups must vacate rooms on time so that setup can be done for the next group or activity. All clean-up is to be done before the end of the scheduled exit time.

 10. All groups are required to leave facilities in the same condition as they were received.

***NOTE: Failure to Agree to the Terms of the Rental Agreement will VOID the request.