Youth Activities

YOUTH ACTIVITIES Fall 2 Session - Nov. 6 through Dec. 18

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Tumble Tots - #315464-E

• Time: 9:00am - 9:45am    Dates: Nov 6th-Dec 18th      Ages: 2yrs-6yrs

•  This class is all about having fun and exploring the beginning of tumbling. Children will be given free time every class period to explore tumbling equipment at their own pace along with direction on how to use the beam, bar, and other items.


Toddler Time -  #315370-A

• Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm    Dates: Nov 6th-Dec 18th        Ages: crawling - 6yrs

•  This new class is a drop in when you can class. You may stay for the whole hour or just come for 10 minutes. The class will be an open tumble time with group stretch and song time at 12pm, 12:30pm and 12:50pm. 



Baby Ballet - #315360-E

•  Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm    Dates: Nov 9th – Dec 21st     Ages: 3yrs - 6yrs

•  Students will explore balance, flexibility, the basics of ballet; 1st, 2nd, plie’, releve’, and 3rd position, while also exploring the acting that goes into dancing with our handpicked songs.


Tumbling -  #315366-E

• Time: 5:30pm - 6:150pm    Dates: Nov 9th – Dec 21st     Ages: 4yrs-10yrs

• This class is for beginners and the lightly experienced. We will work on rolls, cartwheels, balance, bridges, flexibility, bar basics, and beam basics.


Gymnastics - #315368-E

• Time: 6:20pm-7:10pm    Dates: Nov 9th – Dec 21st    Ages: cartwheel-15yrs

• This group will work on flexibility, back walkovers, back hand springs, tucks, aerials, basic bar skills, basic beam skills, and more work based on each students’ ability. You must have a straight controlled cartwheel to join this class.


PLEASE NOTE: Cheerleading is not accepting new participants for this season. To inquire about participating in Cheerleading next season, e-mail: